Wednesday, October 30, 2019


The OUTER SHUTTER ASSEMBLY gears are the two, small sliding gears that control the angle of the dual-blade variable shutter assembly from approximately 165 degrees to 360 degrees (closed) and are buried within the front shutter housing.  

The gears controlling them are oiled. If the gears were greased, use a suitable chemical solvent (denatured alcohol) to dissolve and remove the grease. If the gears are NOT greased, re-oil them per Bolex specifications.

The INNER SHUTTER assembly consists of two, 180 degree blades that overlap to control the adjustable shutter angle. Normal shooting angle is 165 degrees. 

This is shown as a silver half-moon on the shutter dial. The location of the inner shutter blades is accessible when the shutter housing is disassembled for overhaul. The shutter blades themselves are never lubricated

The SPEED REGULATOR is NOT lubricated, except for the ends of the regulator. Located at the rear of the case is an “oilite” bearing (sintered bronze) that supports one end of the regulator. It is greased. 

The other end (front) of the regulator IS oiled and NOT greased. The front part of the regulator interfaces with an intermediate gear that is driven by the spring motor.

Sometimes a non-Bolex camera repairman will improperly lube both ends with grease or oil both ends. Doing this can allow excess oil/grease to be thrown onto the speed regulator’s “puck.”

The puck is small, circular piece of leather than provides a “fixed” friction value against the regulator's friction wheel. If the puck has oil or grease on it, the regulator will not control the camera’s film speed accurately. 

If the regulator has been improperly lubed, a chemical, such as denatured alcohol,  can be used to dissolve the grease before lubing.