Monday, July 11, 2011



Be careful to not loose screws when installing. Screws are very small and easily lost. Suggest working on a table. Correct screwdriver is sometimes hard to find. I use a "WIHA" #260. Size is 1.5x40. I then file the sides of the blade slightly to fit the screw opening of the focus ring.


Reference is from the front of the lens. The correct orientation is to tighten the screws snug, but not tight, with the focus ring seated as close to the camera body as possible. The screws should hold the focus ring firmly onto the focus mechanism for the next step.

Now turn the focus ring fully counter-clockwise. Loosen the 3 screws about ½ turn allowing the ring to turn on the mechanism. Turn ring counter-clockwise (only) until the 1 foot (number 1) mark lines up with the white line on the lens barrel. Now tighten the screws. Tighten one to snug, then do the others. Now re-tighten all.

Next, rotate the lens full clockwise. Focus ring should not slip. The infinity figure (like a 8 on its side) should now line up with the barely visible white line. Turn back to the 1 foot mark. It should still line up. If it doesn't, or the ring slips in the future, the screws weren't tight enough. Avoid excessive pressure when screwing in screws. Top much torque can break screw tip.

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